Friday, July 24, 2009


Reading the introduction to Quilted Memories by Leslie Riley, a book about making small collage style memory quilts, I read this:

As a reformed perfectionist, I learned a long time ago (with the aid of my six children), that life is more rewarding if you accept the imperfections that come your way. In doing so, I discovered that imperfections add character. It is the act of playing with fabric without worry about rules an dpefect stitches that has allowed me to create with abandon ...

To that I say Hear! Hear! A key word is "playing." Enjoying with a childish glee and concentration in the moment. If you lose that or think that because you are an adult you must be serious and, at all times strive for perfection you will not enjoy what you do and life will become drudgery.

[Butterfly is a detail of a quilt I made - one of 19 monachs on it.]

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