Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby Quilt

Yes, I have been quilting, just not finishing anything until today. The picture above is a baby quilt that I've been working on in consultation with Cori who wants it for a baby shower she will attend shortly. I had the alphabet fabric. Together we went through the stash and picked out the gingham and the other pieces. Rachel has added her artistic opinion as well. A family effort. The parents don't know if it will be a girl or boy so Cori wanted a quilt that was neither pink nor blue.

There were finally four blank squares. So she chose two motifs from the quilt to repeat by fusing them to blank squares. The other squares will be used after the birth for writing in the baby's name and date of birth, perhaps other data.

As of this morning I finished the quilting and photographed it, still rather badly but this is it with an edge not showing. [I MUST get a different camera some day[. Since Cori is a good photographer I'll have to ask her to photograph this and perhaps replace this photo with a better one if a few days.
My latest selvage quilt is ready to be quilted and the one of hexagons is ready to be sewn together. Both those jobs will take a fair amount of time. Meanwhile I am going to make a small "quiltie" which shouldn't take awfully long. I have the idea, just have to gather materials.

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MaryContrary said...

Beautiful quilt!!