Friday, July 03, 2009

Breakfast Outdoors

I walked to the post office a while ago and passed an outdoor restaurant, The Egg and I, on Main Street. Lots of people were having breakfast reminding me that that is one of my favorite things about traveling -- breakfast is probably my favorite meal, especially if it includes bacon -- and eating breakfast outdoors is a happy treat, especially when someone else has prepared it and comes by often to refill the coffee. I didn't have my camera so this is a photo from a year ago at Grand Tetons park, a great outdoor meal.

I can have breakfast on my little patio and have done so a few times but the non-summer we're having has made that far less frequent than I envisioned. My cholesterol counting habit won't let me keep bacon around on a regular basis. Of course if there's to be a coffee refill I have to do it. I must say I briefly envied those tourists, for I think they mostly were, sitting at the restaurant, mostly, it seemed as I glanced, eating pancakes -- another breakfast treat that is rarely made at home.

These self-deprivations have been worth it. My last cholesterol reading was quite good and I see as of this morning that I've lost six pounds since moving here. No strict dieting although constant awareness of calories. I attribute it to having walked a great deal. And I attribute to walking a healthy feeling of tiredness leading to good nights' sleep. Now, if the stubborn sun would shine ... Tomorrow is the 4th of July but the weather is late May.

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