Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quilting Finished

This one is finished. The top corner is turned down to show the backing which is the same as the pink part of the border. Light is lousy as always. It's a charity quilt. I hope to make another from the same pattern but use different colors in a different way so it will look quit different. It's fairly clear in my mind.

Meanwhile I have so many projects in progress -- although today I finished a small quilt that I'll have a photo of in a day or two. I'm sewing together the hexagons for the abstract quilt and I am making squares for another shirting/strip quilt. I have my latest selvage quilt ready to be quilted -- all the sandwich is together, I just need to DO IT - easier said than done since everything takes longer than one imagines. But it will all get done. I see as I work that the hexagon quilt will be quilted in the ditch as it's got plenty of design already and doesn't need more but it will need a border or two and I don't know quite how that is going to work out.

Shopping about ten days ago Rachel convinced me to buy an Amy Butler fabric for the next hexagon quilt. I'm very curious how that will work but restraining myself from beginning to cut and sew until some of the above mentioned projects are complete. Patience is not an easy lesson but I'm working on it.

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Diana said...

I think this quilt is beautiful, but I can't even imagine doing it with paper piecing (the sewing is okay, but removing all that paper!). I hope the hexagon goes well.