Friday, January 02, 2009

UFOs and all that nonsense

No, no, no -- I don't really mean little green men although the frown-y faces are appropriate. I mean the stack of neat -- yeah, I'm neat about this -- unfinished object/quilts. I will make a serious effort to get them done in the next couple of months.

1. The starburst is pieced and there'll be a final photo tomorrow. I was terrified the corners wouldn't turn out right and procrastinated all of yesterday about sewing the border and corners. But they're fine. Now it must be quilted! OMG! That's daunting too.

2. The quilted postcards are almost done, just a bit more to whipstitching and then do the writing on the back. It's good, I've discovered, to write the word "POSTCARD" on the vertical that divides message area from address area and to draw a little square for a stamp. This tells the dimmer lights in the US Post Office you are not mailing a mini-dishcloth.

3. And then: There's a reversible quilt that I must do next because it is for someone else. Actually I look forward to doing it because I think I'm going to like how it turns out.

4. The older projects: a quilt with fused roosters. The background is pieced but I have to fancy cut the roosters -- I love them, but not the time it takes to fancy cut.

5 A variation of a drunkard's path. About 1/3 of the blocks are together, hate sewing the curved seam even though it's not technically so hard. I know I'm going to like this quilt; it's just the drudgery of a couple hundred smallish squares with curved pieces.

Beyond that there are "Wanna-do" baggies with some of the probable fabric and the inspiration which is either a pattern or a picture of a quilt someone else made.

And in the forefront of future, I want to make several more "Quartets" of paper pieced stars from Carol Doak's most recent book which are Mariner's Compass stars. I want to dip into my nice, nice collection of fabrics with some metallic in them and do a gently glittery set of wall quilts.

Ho-hummmm, that sounds a lot like a year of work. And I know I'll take time out here and there and make some child size quilts for charity and other things will catch my attention. I've long, long thought of doing a pineapple log cabin and never have... oh, I could go on and on and on. But for now, I've got to remove paper piecing from the center portion of the starburst quilt -- an that's 900 pieces minus the 50 or 75 I did earlier today. If "Idle hands do the Devil's work," the Devil can just pass on by, my hands are not going to be idle for beyond the foreseeable future.

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