Friday, January 09, 2009

Merrily Making post cards

I am not an obsessive compulsive person -- by no means! But I go through brief periods of activity addiction. That's why I'm making selvage postcards right now. I made another half dozen this afternoon and may make as many tomorrow morning. I'm on a roll and don't want to stop. Here are eight more from last week's spasm of postcard making. In truth I don't think they are as pretty or interesting really as the 50 butterfly postcards I made in a similar spell a couple of years ago but that was far, far more hard work I had thought of making more butterflies because I have additional very tempting patterns. I might yet. But for now it's the faat and furious I want to do. So, no apologies. I've begun seeing more and more quilters using selvages. Sometimes they put on the Serious Somberro and declare they're "saving history" or "being thrifty" -- that's my "frugalista" story.

Truth be told I just like fabric with words on it. I'm sorry that the printer I have which I love for many reasons, does not like to print fabric I've ironed onto freezer paper. If it did I'd probably go nuts. As it is, I have to purchase expensive packs of prepared paper for printing and I have not liked the tightness of the weave of the ones I've had. Besides, the "frugalista" part of me wants to use my own fabric, maybe even print pictures over certain kinds of prints. However, I've reached a point where I have to rein myself in with sewing projects as I've had to do with all kinds of things all my life. If I indulged in everything that sounds interesting or fun I'd never concentrate on any one thing. So, the opposite of obsessive, too scattered. I try to find a balance. Mostly I'm fairly content but I do allow myself these little "fits."


Nellie's Needles said...

Looks as though you're having fun. Nice way to transition from the old year into the new during stay inside weather.

Annie said...

Love the postcards

Swan said...

I love the postcards, too. The use of the salvages on the borders is neat..

And I like to do "fast and furious" projects as well. I haven't thought about calling them that before... My projects are usually paper crafts or painting, I haven't done any quilting yet.