Thursday, January 15, 2009

Enough is enough

When you're on a roll, as I've been with the selvage using postcards, you eventually reach a flat place where it threatens to become boring. Time to stop. Without planning to do so this morning when I putt them all together in a plastic container. I made exactly 50. Most have a picture in the middle, eight were entirely selvages. They'll get sent, swapped and traded over the next year or so, I expect. For now enough is enough. I may show pictures of others from time to time. You see today's sample.
This natural rhythm to undertaking projects perhaps was echoed yesterday when I had time to go to my favorite local Chinese restaurant for a fixed price lunch [and dinner -- because the servings are so generous I bring half home and it's dinner too. Not bad for $6.75, huh?]. Of course I got a fortune cookie at the end. It said, "All things will come to you." Well, that immediately sounds good. But think about it. All means good and bad. So, obviously the fortune will be correct. We need that balannce anyway. I'm going to get busy with some of the quilting of my star burst quilt. I won't have time to grow bored because I've got packing for the trip to do and the usual fit of housecleaning so I can come back and have everything shipshape.


stufenzumgericht said...

Absolutely phantastic - love your cards!!!
Kind regards

Swan said...

What a nice approach to fabric postcards. The fabric postcards I've seen so far have been more abstract. I like the pictures in the middle and the care you took with the borders as well.