Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dullest part of winter

These are a few of the latest batch of quilted postcards. The collection will grow, they were fun to make and I love the almost instant gratification of finishing something since I keep taking on big labor intensive projects.

This part of the year is the dreariest, it hasn't happened yet that one can tell the days are actually getting longer; that may happen in a week or two if there are clear days but this week is gray and leaden and it seems that the afternoon is not so far along when I look out and it's dark! As the winter solstice approaches there's the extra lights from Christmas decorations so the dark doesn't seem so oppressive. This is a weighty time of year; it's not pleasant to get dressed and go out except on the days when the sun really shines and the skies turn a wonderful blue, which seem to be fewer in January than any other time.

So I'm happy I'll be going away in less than two weeks -- heading to the other side of the equator where it's high, hot [and unfortunately probably humid] summer -- my first and probably only safari vacation. One of those bucket list trips. I've checked off most of the "gotta-see" places although there will always be "wanna-see" places. Life isn't long enough nor will I ever have enough money to go all the interesting places. More at another time, for now, I'm just happy contemplating and unhappy waiting for my passport to return with extra pages in it. It WILL, I just know it. Got to think positively.

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