Saturday, October 18, 2008

Selvage quilt once more

I really do like this selvage quilt and I'm restraining myself -- with some difficulty -- about starting another. So much else to do first!!! So this is the last time I'll post this -- the photo was taken by a good photographer with a good camera at our show and tell last week. She even manages to flatter me.

Cindy Russell is both photographer and web master for the Empire Quuilers Guild - anyone interested in quilt resources should click the link to the right. The site is not only guild info but a resource center and SO easy to navigate. Cindy is half of Hamlin Rose Photography with her husband. They produced both a CD and a book of Urban Inspirations, out guild show two years ago -- excellent work. I'm really quite proud to be a part of the both. And that is why I must not make another selvage quilt until I finish my 900 piece star quilt. Another guild show is coming up in March and I want that to be a worthy addition.


Stephanie D. said...

Nice photo of you AND the quilt!

I haven't bought the book, yet, but I have started cutting the selvages off my fabrics. You've given me an idea for our 2009 Quilt Day challenge.

magikquilter said...

Wow... you look really glamerous...I need a photographer like that...although it is harder when one is does not recognise oneself in photos!

The quilt is absolutely stunning and can see why you might be a teeny bit tempted to make another one.

Sam said...

The quilt is wonderful, June, and you look fabulous too! Well done. Sam xoxo

Selvage Quilter said...

Your quilt looks great on the blog, but it's even prettier in person! I was so glad to get to see it at the Guild meeting. The colors are wonderful. You look better in real life too, by the way:) Will you use this quilt now that it's cold, or do you have other plans for it?

Jodie said...

Beautiful photo and gorgeous quilt. Once bitten by the selvedge bug it is hard to stay away isn't it.