Sunday, October 05, 2008

NYC Street Fair

Fall street fairs always seem especially colorful and fun to walk through. Maybe it's because all the faux pashmina and cashmere come out in their rainbow hues. Street fairs happen in the spring and the fall, not the dead of winrs are around but venders do change because any Saturday or Sunday there may be at least a couple of street fair locations. Some things can be expected. The crepes stalls are a favorite. Other food venders can be expected too; the roasted corn on the cob people and the Thai food, the pickles, the funnel cake, the turkey legs and the gyros and shish kabab,and the cholesterol packed fries, Italian sausages and the utterly disgusting "deep fried Oreos."
There are many hat and tee-shirt and pocket book people. Here are some pretty neat pocketbooks made of zippers. Click the picture to enlarge. They're study and spacious and attractive. There are other leather goods, lots of sweaters this time of year, the people with beautiful embroidered "Kashmiri" jackets -- like one I purchase in Nepal ten years ago. I had a nice conversation with a couple of Nepali jewelry venders who mixed in Nepali and Tibtan designs with celtic designs. I thought of a a silver eternal knot pendant and the vender was more than ready to reduce is price -- very minimally and I didn't feel like dickering because I had decided not to buy it. I kind of wanted the silver barrel shaped aumulet box with a 'mani" prayer on a scroll inside it; but that I skipped as well.

There are always plant people, usually hearty looking foliage plants to bring some green inside for the winter, but lately the orchid people are around and they really are beautiful.
It was wonderful to see a lot of the bent elderly people of the neighborhood out with their cane and walkers enjoying the street fair, people with dogs of every size and shape, most in leashes but some in carry bags and one in a rollng doggie case, like kids' rolling book bags. I have more photos and will probably add them tomorrow.

Finally I only purchased some bags of crunchy snacks at a good price and a platter of Thai food that was so generous it was not only dinner but I save the entire large serving of pad thai for lunch tomorrow. All in all a relaxing hour of wandering around before coming in and attacking the laundry and closet mess I had made before I went out.


Stephanie D. said...

Zipper purses--what a unique idea!

What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Ellen aka "Ellie" said...

Ya know, I think I heard that those deep-fried oreos originated here at the Texas State Fair....never tried one so I'll have to take your word that they're disgusting.