Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Changing seasons

We are shifting in autumn. Morning are cool, afternoons pleasant. The heat has come on in my apartment building at just the right time for a change. On the streets the young women are showing off their fake pashmina scarves. It's okay if they aren't expensive fine wool, they are magnificent colors. The above picture shows some that were for sale at the street fair for $10, because they have subtle designs. The totally plain ones in acrylic [tho sometimes labeled "Pure pashmina"] are often only $5. They are wrapped around throats or looped in ingeneous ways. The colors are a rainbow! It's gorgeous to see -- so much panache for so little money!

Another offering at the street fair was socks, often 3 or 4 pair, depending on plainness or fanciness for $10. Here are some fun ones. At the next street fair I will buy some dark colored trouser socks, much plainer than these, more age appropriate. I do have some fun socks for keeping my toes cozy while reading at night but I try to maintain a degree of dignity when I get dressed to go out.


*G* said...

dinity - schimdinity!! I'll take a pair of the penguins and the cats, please. LOL Just wrap them up in that turquoise and beige "pashmina". ;-p

I just love reading about the street vendors!


Ellen aka "Ellie" said...

Are those Holstein cow socks I see? MicheleoneL always asks for Holstein cow stuff in her wishlist. :o)

Aren't you afraid if you dress your age you might act it?