Sunday, October 26, 2008

Selvage jacket

The kennel quilts will have to wait probably until next weekend. In my cleaning spassm, putting away summer, getting out winter clothes, I came upon a sweatshirt purchased early last summer for the specific purpose of turning it into a quilted light weight jacket. About 18 months ago at a quilt show I met a group of women from a Connecticut quilt guild who all were wearing quilted jackets. Each was different but all had been made from the same basic pattern, or non-pattern. in fact One took the time to explain how easy it was. I have kept her words in mind for all this time and now I'm borrowing her directions, which she said where not original to her group but was unsure where they had originated. Start with a over size sweatshirt. It has to be at least somewhat over size because it gets smaller in the making. Thus I had purchased a large sweatshirt. When I found it folded with other things I tried it on and, indeed, it was large enough to be uncomfortably sloppy worn as is. Then a coupled days ago I had the ah-ha! eureka! moment. It can be a selvage jacket. I have lots of selvages because 3 or 4 wonderful women, whom I've never met in person, have sent me bags of selvages.

Here are the steps accomplished so far today -- and it took a good part of the day.
1. cut off the bottom ribbing.
2. cut off the cuff ribbing on the sleeves.
3. cut off the neck ribbing
4. find the exact center front and cut straight up
5. cut up each side at the seam and continue cutting the sleeve seam
6. open out the sweatshirt. [This is the feeling of skinning an animal for its pelt, but is a lot less bloody and requires no killing [obviously] Much better of the soul and the karma.
7. Then sew chosen design onto the sweatshirt. I started with a sleeve as you can see. I continued until I had sewn selvages all over the sweatshirt, and then I sewed extra pieces along the shoulder seams and on the inset seams of the sleeves. And now, I have turned the sweatshirt with the inside out and will prepare to put it back together along the side nad sleeve seams, as soon as I trim them neatly and pin them careful in place.

After that I will take a 1/2 yard piece of fabric, I haven't decided what color to use yet but it may be a black print because I wear a lot of black pants once summer is over. I will make bias strips and bind all around the outside, including, of course, the sleeve edges. Then I will probably make tabs for buttons [because I really don't want to make button holes] and will sew on four [probably] largish buttons.

Oh, and before that I'll add some of the bias to the inside shoulder and side seams and enclose them so that the inside has a nice neat look too. I've been thinking about pockets because I really like jackets with pockets. Haven't made up my mind, but I might make selvage covered patch pockets for both sides of the front -- we'll see. Probably 3 or 4 more hours and I'll be done.

Of course it didn't HAVE to be selvages, it could have been random patches, crazy quilt style or anything a quilter's fertile imagination could dream up. As "they" say, the possibilities are endless.


Kimberly Wulfert, PhD said...

I'm so jealous! What a fabulous way to use selvages. I'm familiar with the quilts, but as a jacket, they are even better. Karen B. (something like Boutis or Bonet), makes beautiful jackets this same way. She wrote a book and teaches at quilt Guilds. I wish I had taken her class, as the jackets that came out of it were exceptional- none of them looked like sweatshirts. Very arty. Thanks for sharing your project and detailing the method.

Stephanie D. said...

I really like that! Last year our area Bee hosted the Guild holiday luncheon, and we appliqued on the sweatshirts for jackets, removing the ribbings, but I opted for cutting mine down to a vest instead.

Thanks for detailing how to do the whole sweatshirt; very clever to do it in selvages!

Evelyn said...

Looks awesome so far. I can't wait to see the finished project!!

Stephanie D. said...

BTW, I didn't know Karen Griska had a blog site, but should have. Look at what someone made from selvages--Karen posted it on her site:

Kaye said...

I'm in awe over your jacket. What a cool idea. I will stop banishing selvages to the trash bin.
What a fun jacket that would be for stage.


Thank you for sharing your creation.