Thursday, February 28, 2013

instant joy! A guild flea market.

My favorite thing about quilt guilds -- yes, I'll admit it -- much as I enjoy the camraderie, the speakers -- is the free table and the members' flea market.  I am a fabric addict and I am a bargain addict and both go into high gear at a guild meeting that includes a flea market. 

This happened yesterday at the Bayberry guild.  Members who either need to clean their closets more than I do, or who have a lesser addiction and more good sense, e.g., know when enough is enough and when to get rid of the overage, set up tables and bring in bundles, packs, baggies, and sizable cuts of fabric, plus patterns, notions, books, and a miscellany of objects -- all of which they price ridiculously low so that they won't have to tote them back home.  At a crucial point, they generally get worried about what hasn't sold and mark the rock-bottom low prices half off.  And idiots like me find it absolutely irresistable. 

What fun it was to come home yesterday aware that I had spent slightly less than $20 and had a large tote bag full of new fabric.  I sorted it like King Midas must have sorted his gold coins.  And today I carefully stashed it by color with it's color mates.  What fun!  I'm actually glad it happens only once a year.  Although the free table is there every other meeting.  That's a different pleasure for I feel free to contribute my own odds and ends that either I'm sick and tired of or know I will never use -- often they were sent to me in a swap. 

Inspired by last week's SAQA show in Lowell and yesterday's treasures, I've started on two new quilts today.  They won't make much of a dent in the stash -- although one will be backed with something I bought yesterday for an incredibly low price -- and they will require a lot of sewing. But I have a righteous feeling that I am doing something with my fabrics.  I don't have them JUST to have them.  I will make quilts.

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