Saturday, March 16, 2013

WIP, i.e., work in progress

I'm hard a work although I had a brief hiatus.  My sewing machine was acting up.  I found there is only one reasonably nearby place for serving so off I went on Tuesday to a fine fabric store in a town some 20 miles away.  I discovered that the technician comes in only one day a week which happens to be Wednesday.  He had time to fix my machine so I went back the next afternoon and picked it up. Twenty-four hour service is very wonderful as far as I'm concerned! Worth the drive.

So I've got three projects going.  One is many quite small squares which won't be ready for any kind of photography for, maybe, months.  Another is a woven quilt such as I made about three years ago although in very different colors.  I'll continue working on it tomorrow and may have it all woven by evening which will be far from the end of the process.  My third project is a new log cabin quilt of which this shows the first four of what will ultimately be 36  ten-inch squares.  I green squares makes this a "streak of lightening," or "stair step" log cabin.  I'm enjoying it and using up some of my sizable collection of dark and medium blue fabrics as well as lots of lights in yellow, white, pink and green pastels.  Not all the stair steps will be green, this is going to be a surprisingly colorful quilt.  I'm really enjoying seeing it begin to take shape.  More anon ... meaning in a few weeks,  I think.  (Just in case you wonder why it looks so unfinished in the middle, it is simply pinned to my design wall, the squares are not sewn together yet.)

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