Monday, March 18, 2013

Another WIP - a woven quilt

I wove this "quilt" -- it will be a quilt although right now it's a weaving -- over the weekend.  Years ago a friend gave me a sizable bag of strips, most about one inch wide.  I don't know why she had them but she knows I am a fabric pack rat.  A couple of years ago I made first a couple of small quilts by weaving the strips, then adding batting and a backing and quilting.

That was a lot of fun so I made the quilt below using mostly the light fabrics with a bit of black for accent. It's about 30x30 and I've become very fond of it. And I kept thinking I would use more of that baggie of strips "some day."  Some day because Saturday and Sunday and I used mostly the brighter strips, plus I added a few more to balance out the design which evolved intuitively.  Obviously, lights then brights, then lights again with a bit of black at each end.  Simple and elementary. I love working intuitively.  And now what?

Now I must decide on a border treatment, what you can see that seems to be a bit of border is actually masking tape holding the finished pieces in place on the wrapping paper that I used on top of the table on which I worked.   This one, as you see, is longer than the first -- I have a spot in which I want to hang this. 

I will treat this one as I did the first, which is I hand quilted the woven part working diagonally and ending up wit a simple diamond pattern  Then I added the borders and machine quilted the light border. 

Sometimes I seem to be especially in the mood for starting quilts.  I've got the log cabin which is in the previous post, going and now this woven one.  And there is another ongoing very long term project that involves a lot of embroidery.  Always something of interest to do.  Absolutely never bored.

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Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I would love to see how you weave them, keeping them in a straight line!!!