Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dressses with trains

Surely you all saw the many lovely dresses -- Amy Adam's dress in particular -- at the Academy Awards with trains.  This was perhaps the most regal looking accumulation of gorgeous gowns in years and years -- possibly ever.  Most of us never wear a dress with a train.  Some lucky few had bridal gowns with trains  but that's it unless we're actresses and play princesses and even then ... Cinderella didn't have a train on her gown.  Simply gorgeous to look at for those of us who think about how clothing is made.

Does it mean anything?  Some people read meaning into fashions.  I don't know.  I'd suggest maybe there's a romanticism in the air, beautiful young women at the biggest party of the year playing princess.  We saw some of the usual sexy  dresses too, the sparkles, the figure emphasizing fit, the high slits on the side, deep, deep necklines -- that was the expected but there were fewer than usual. 
Certainly sexy is never going to go away, but gowns that are beautiful and make their wearers even more beautiful than they naturally are is a great pleasure.

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