Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day Trip to New England Quilt Museum

A partly sunny day with sometimes dramatic white banks of clouds in the sky, very chilly wind outside but warm in the car -- a very good day for a trip to Lowell, Mass. to the New England Quilt Museum  for a show of about 35  quilts made by Studio Art Quilt Association members, including the poster quilt, as seen above, by Laura Wasilwalski.  For Rachel who works at a charter school here, this week is winter vacation.  She is always sure to make her vacations special times.  Already this week she took grandson, Finn, to the aquarium in Boston, she and her husband went out to eat yesterday and have a trip planned for Saturday.

Today she and I drove up, just north of Boston to see this very good art quilt show.  After taking plenty of time to really look at each quilt, she said, "Which were your favorites?"  I thought and named three, she totally agreed with two and about the third we were only slightly in disagreement.  The variety was wonderful, in concept, technique, color , intent.  A wonderfully balanced show with representational quilts and purely design quilts, fascinating workmanship.  These quilts are featured in the SAQA publication, Masterworks, Vol. II edited by Martha Seilman who curated this show also.

The museum is in a repurposed bank building, seen above.  Not a large space but there was plenty to look at and think about.  On the way home we found a strip mall that was almost all restaurants, fast food, chain and independent.  We chose an Indian restaurant because we rarely have a chance to have Indian food.  There was a buffet with a good choice of dishes, some hot enough to really feel the spice-- which we both enjoy, and some milder.  A very good choice, we agreed. 

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