Friday, March 30, 2012


The big question is, can these two works in progress, especially the very messy, barely started color-wash piece being laid out on the 2 inch marked interfacing be put together, at least enough to be photographed and closely approximately measured for finished size by the end of April?
I don't know how I'm going to put the hexagons together, perhaps with corners to turn them into squares, or perhaps not. As for the color-wash piece it is to be the background, with a dark border [that much is laid out] and then sky and a bottom 2/3rd in floral design and with three dimensional butterflies scattered over it. That's a lot of work, especially since I've never done a color-wash before and I'm procrastinating because I'm afraid of how hard it is going to be. I have far more stash with flowers than the few pieces so far pulled out. I think I can do the sky one afternoon -- SOON, I hope. The butterflies can be added last. I've done the sort of butterflies I want on this quilt before.

The deadline is for the Bayberry Quilters annual show which doesn't happen until the first week of August so I will have all of May, June and July. But the show committee want -- and I understand their need -- to have photos and sizes to begin to plan how to hang the show. Somehow I'll manage although April is extremely busy with nonquilting activities. The hexagon quilt was a spur of the moment decision but I'm working on it a little nearly every day and enjoying it. I'll make a third quilt as well but it will be a small one for the red and white challenge -- a paper pieced feathered star with some paper pieced border, undecided upon at this point. I will probably hand quilt that one -- if I've got the two bigger ones done. Not that they're really big. I've got my work almost literally cut out for me.

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Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Can't wait to see you put the hexagons together as they are just lovely reminding e of sea shells.