Saturday, March 03, 2012

Star Block

I was making a 12-1/2x12-1/2 block for a swap for someone who wishes for a block with red, white and blue -- but not patriot shades of those colors. So I chose a Carol Doak paper piece star which I really enjoy doing. This is it. I had it all together when I saw a mistake. I'll admit the mistake but will not point it out. When you're piecing 56 little bits into a 12x12 area, things can be overlooked or done wrong. I think often of reading that the wonderful Amish quilters always put a mistake into their work so as not to challenge the perfection of the Deity. I am so sure of my own imperfection that I don't even have to think about planting mistake. One inevitably happens. No apologies. I never had any illusion about perfection.


Nellie's Needles said...

Love your combination of hues and those funky birds in the background fabric ;-)

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I am so glad you have no illusions of perfection. Remember that when you get my 12 1/2 piece. Yours looks great.