Friday, March 16, 2012

National Quilting Day

I read on other blogs that today is NATIONAL QUILTING DAY. So I thought I'd post a few quilts I've made in the fairly recent past. They are no more than ten years old, if I remember correctly.

I no longer own any of these quilts, they've been given away -- oops, that may be a lie, I might own the bright colored one patch. It is an approximate copy of an Elsworth Kelly painting which I thought was far more appropriate as a quilt. I tried to give away or sell the majority of a stash of quilts before I moved from NYC to Cape Cod four years ago. Once here I have more storage space and occasionally am surprised what is in a particular bag of quilts on a shelf. But I still try to find homes for most of my quilts. How many does one need?
It's th making, not the having that I enjoy. I have no idea how many quilts I've made. I began quilting in the early 1970s and did not get rather neurotically hooked on quilting for maybe another fifteen years. But... that's a long time and a lot of quilts completed. I have photos of many, including the 350 or so 4x6 inch ones I made as a diary of my 65th year. But many have been forgotten. I think I am happiest about 13 crib size quilts, all variations of half-square triangle arrangements in various pastel colors, all with a fused image of a monkey somewhere on the quilt -- all were tightly folded into a fabric carrying case and went to Mongolia with me where they were donated to an orphanage. I smile at children discovering monkeys in a land that has no native monkeys. I will stop reminiscing now and do a little work on the current Work in Progress (see preceding post). Happy quilting everyone.

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Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

This cardinal bird quilt looks so intricate and time consuming to do.
It is lovely, but I am also a bird person. Thanks for sharing