Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A Pair of Stars

We quilters love stars. Stars are among the oldest quilt designs and today the variations are numerous. I have three books by Carol Doak who designs paper pieced blocks. I think the star patterns approach 100.

Above is a winter star design -- a finished quiltie that is nicely quilted and bound from Nancy Thorn of Connecticut who sent it to me in a swap. There's a cool austerity about the fabrics that befits its winter theme.

This black and white star is one of Carol Doak's which I made, I have made well over half of her designs. I love them and the variety of colors and fabrics I can use delights me. This is for a black and white swap. Although parts of the central star pattern look gray, that's because of the balance of black to white.

Just why I never seem to be able to take a photo where the light is equally distributed on the whole quilt block I do not know -- except to guess that it's because I do not have a proper light and do not understand my camera sufficiently.

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