Sunday, April 01, 2012

A Walk on a Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Rachel and I like to walk on Sunday afternoons, very often on woodland trails or alternately along the seashore. But today is one of those spring days when the flowers have burst out, the leaves are unfolding and we chose a gracious area near a marsh with well cared for houses and gardens.
Almost as delightful as the forsythia and daffodils, one or two azaleas in purple glory, was the thatched roofed barn standing on it's own yard surrounded by stone walls and split rail fence. A very, very handsome building. I wish I had a camera with a good lens instead of a small point and shoot camera. The details at the top of the barn are scalloped and beautiful. A wooden owl stands over one door, sparkling glass balls grace the lightening rods. I assume it was a working barn for the early years of its life but it now a well kept landmark.
We were near marshes that separate the habitable land from the bay. One picture shows a stream debauching from under a bridge and spreading out to flow on through the marsh.

Driving home, near a parking lot we use when we walk in a wooded area, we saw a fox. It seemed to know where it was going but it was not running away. It was rather like a boy who knows the backyards and what's to be found there. He looked very healthy and purposeful. It was actually the first wild fox I have ever seen although Rachel says there is an area a few towns away where she very often sees foxes.

In summary, it couldn't have been a better spring afternoon.

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