Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Michelle Buda, California Quilter

The guest speaker today at the Bayberry Quilters' Guild was Michelle Buda from California, who gave an often amusing talk about her quilting history as a dyslexic person to whom pictures made more sense than words.  She has developed a technique of layered fabrics and extensive thread painting and currently does very large quilts of flowers.  She is especially adept at doing roses but, for my taste, I find roses wonderful in nature both in form and scent but I liked her zinnias mainly because the flowers often seem coarse  in reality, while her quilted ones are just wonderful.  She gets wonderful, vibrant colors by combining commerical fabric and her thread painting. I am astonished at the amount of work these quilts take -- one glance at the backs tell the story of her thread painting which is painstaking and  beautiful.


Anonymous said...
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Diane Yates said...

I am amazed that these Zinnias are fabric quilting art piece. They look like painted on canvas.