Saturday, February 04, 2012

Stack-n-whack quilt done

This latest Stack-n-whack [should have a trademark sign] quilt will be used on the table for a while, maybe permanently. I find a simple kind of delight in the kaleidoscope patterns. The center has twenty eight-pointed stars and around the sides are a total of six hexagonal blocks. At last I have used up the complex Hoffman fabric that was sent to me at least ten years ago. It was a fine stack-n-whack choice as there were so many floral patterns in so many colors.

I have in my stash some distinctive fabrics like this one that I am always aware are there on the shelf waiting to be used. I like them but for some reason they don't fit into whatever the current project is. Eventually the hardest to use will become backs of quilts if there's any congruence in colors. Much as I like these fabrics I've grown tired of having there, on the back of my mind -- kind of like cobwebs in really hard corner to get into with a broom or brush. So I'm happy to have this fabric used up.

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