Thursday, February 23, 2012


"Churn Dash" is the name most often acsociated with this this simply quilt block. It's also called Hole in the Barn Door". I think the latter is more meaningful to most of us s hardly anyone has churned butter in the last 100 years. Quilts with this pattern, whatever name it was know by, were usee as signals of a safe hour on the Underground Railroad in the mid-1880s. This is mu choice for the mach BOM at Bayberry Quilters. I try to make one up before introducing it at the guild meeting, which was Wednesday. The meeting featured one of my favorite guid events -- a member's flea market. Members mostly gather up fabrics they don't want, and bags of scrapes, or of threads, or other odds and ends, and sell them for rock bottom prices. I always think "I don't really need anything so I won't buy, I'll just look. HA-Ha=HA.

But for about 20 dollars I got a great deal of fabric, a set of dinosaur patterns which will surely come in handy since I now have two great-grandsons. Plus I got a paper pieced patter, with all needed printed papers, for a fascinating quilt made unlike any paper piecing I've done in the past. I had a lovely time for twenty minutes picking out fabrics that might work in such a quilt. Meanwhile I have two quilts [smaller] to work on and get into some kind of shape in the next month, so I shouldn't start this one to impetuously. Still, I can be creature of impulse. I'm not sure I can handle the particular paper piecing. A challenge -- there are, you've surely noticed no "problems" left these days, it's all challenges for the right person. WE shall see. It has happened that one quickly made quilt block and I realize an idea isn't going to work. And so, this weekend I give it a try and see.

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