Sunday, February 05, 2012

Culture Shock

I don't know if it's just on Cape Cod or if it's just in New England or if it's a trend lots of other places but here men wear shorts, usually not so neat and nice as in this picture, rumpled khaki calf length shorts, worn with either sneakers or any sort of casual shoes and socks. In summer, sure, with tee shirts and polos, sure! In spring and fall with windbreakers or sweatshirts or hoodies, okay. But here men wear shorts in the winter with heavy jackets. I mean, men of all ages, teens right up through 60s and 70s. Yesterday I saw a man at a matinee movie -- the temp was about 40 degrees -- he had those polyester warm up pants on UNDER a pair of the typical khaki shorts and a fleece jacket, sneakers and socks.

I know we are a car culture and that these guys aren't spending much time outdoors with their bare legs in the winter -- although I'm most aware of them when I'm on Main Street or in a parking lot at the grocery store or mall. I am bemused and befuddled. Just thought I'd pass on that style observation since I recently saw the documentary film about the wonderful Bill Cunningham, a photographer who takes the style-trend photos for the Sunday New York Times.

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June -- I saw a new trend yesterday, I think? A runner wearing shorts with black tights under his shorts. HHMMM. -- barbara