Sunday, June 05, 2011

Watercolor crayons and other embellishments

This little quiltie is about 11x11, it's for a swap. I am trying new things with each of the monthly "quiltie" swaps. In this case I finally cracked open the a box of watercolor crayons I purchased at a quilt show in March. Can't tell? No, but I can.

The background fabric was a decorator fabric swatch. The floral pattern was of the barely there sort, just hinted in very pale pastel. I attacked it with my crayons, following the lines already in place but deepening everything. Then I appplied the water and brushed it so that the crayon lines mostly disappeared into an impressionistic floral picture. It's much more interesting than originally.

Then, of course I added the embellishments: the two fused butterlflies, the purple flower shaped buttons and the two bees. Oh, and I didn't mention that I had quilted it onto thin cotton batting before starting this process. Then when I ironed the coloring to make it permanent, the typical quilted puffiness flattened, and even more so when I ironed on the butterflies. Lastly I added the border and backing which is another green print. My feeling is that it's on the blah side but I didn't want to add more embellishments. I wanted to suggest a quiet summer day with a faint drone of bees and maybe some crows in distant treetops and the sun on the flowers. It will be mailed to it's recipient tomorrow.

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Kaye said...

This is just lovely. Great work with the crayons.