Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Embellished jeans jacket

I've been meaning to have someone take a picture of me wearing this jeans jacket that I fussed butterflies onto. But I keep forgetting so I just photographed it on a hanger, front and back. As anyone who has fused when quilting knows, it's a piece of cake. The hard part is finding just the fabric with the design you want to fuse. In this case I'd forgotten I had a small piece of butterfly printed fabric that was exactly the right colors and the butterflies did not overlap one another and were a good size. So, as Mary Poppins was wont to say, "spit-spat" that was that.

In all my long years I've never owned a jeans jacket before. The casual lifestyle here is changing my ways. I found this jacket at a Goodwill store [on senior discount day for under $5]. It's a fabric with a lot of stretch also so it buttons nice and snug but doesn't look strained. There's a softness to the fabric as well, not the frequent denim stiffness. I'm happy summer seems to be arriving so maybe I won't be needing the jacket much until fall. But that's fine. I love summer.



June -- The butterflies on the jacket are fantastic. A Plain Jane jean jacket becomes a work of art. -- wear it with joy. -- barbara

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Another project you just gave me here with the jacket June. So cute and I have two plain ones now to dressup.

Atif said...

The butterflies on the jacket looking too much lovely..

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