Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hand Painted Purses

Hand painted purses have fascinated me for many years. The purse above was purchased at least 20 years ago and I've used it for semi-dressy occasions over all these years. It's a little too small for every day use and it's special enough to me that I want to save it for occasions, even if they happen to be no more unusual than dinner or a concert.
This purse was found at a flea market about five years ago. It's just an unstructured sack and I've used it as a summer purse for most of it's life. I'm happy to say it has not worn or weathered, the colors are still true. It has a nice long strap so I can wear it cross-body which I very much came to prefer when living in NYC so I could always have the purse safe when holding a subway or bus pole. My only run in with street crime in many, many years was having a purse snatched from my shoulder by a couple of teens as they ran past me. A long, cross-body strap prevents such losses.

The purse in the narrower photo came into my possession this week at a Goodwill store. I nearly missed it but spotted it when I was at the check out counter. It's signed inside by the painter, and is structured enough to have two generous pockets inside and a sizable flap held in place by a snap -- also a nice long strap. Also, it's got a different design on the back [below] than on the front. Like the others, I expect it to be in my possession the rest of my life and I expect to use it often with much enjoyment.
All three purses are a study leather [cowhide, I assume but don't know] have well attached straps and are lined with a fairly heavy fabric. I very much enjoy design and color. It lifts my spirits to wear an interesting purse [or scarf, of course] with an otherwise simple outfit.


Nellie's Needles said...

Wonderful collection! You make me want to go find my hand-painted leather purse. I bought it about 30 years ago and haven't carried it for almost 6 years. I love that purse!

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Always giving ideas. They are really cool looking.

Dia said...

These are GORGEOUS! I love finds like these! I have a friend who paints on canvas & has a line of purses/ bags shes making - Jaxom (her name is Jacqueline, & she gives a not to Jackson P & all those splatter painted canvases) ... they are much more abstract, but also fun.