Monday, May 23, 2011

Impulse Quilting

With three UFOs needing to be finished in the next two months I'm feeling antsy and decided to make a pink quilt that would go quickly. Why pink? Because somehow too much light pink has entered my stash, also lilac and some dusty rose. I don't like pink very .] [Very bright pink is a whole other story

While surfing quilters' blogs a few days ago I came upon someone who showed a strip quilt and wrote that she was using dryer sheets as the stabilizing backing. Light Bulb Moment! I've been saving dryer sheets but didn't really know why -- it's that acquisitive thing again, the "waste not, want not" frugalista training from parents who were shaped by the Great Depression. Ah-ha! I could use up the dryer sheets and the pinks by making a strip quilt.

I love making scrappy quilts and strip quilts are about the pinnacle of scrappiness. I love, love, love having a pile of strips [or squares or triangles for other patterns] and making an instant choice of fabric every time I sew a seam. So far I've done a dozen blocks. I'm aiming for a single bed or throw size quilt that will eventually be given away to some charity. As I said, I am not fond of pink.
This little tool is my latest love. I purchased it at the Empire Guild show when told by a paper piecer that she uses it to flatten seams as she pieces. It's more adaptable then most of the mini irons. I have a couple mini irons and don't like them very much. But this little roller flattens seams enough so that when a block is done it can be ironed to really flatten the seams. Love it.



June -- I think your pink quilt is charming. Love your header! -- barbara

Nellie's Needles said...

Your pink combination is bright and cheerful rather than "too sweet"

sally in st. paul said...

Interesting tool. My first thought was- I wonder if I can find something like that at Home Depot or Lowes. It looks like something that you would use to flatten seams on wallpaper. Off to my treasure hunt.
sally in st. paul