Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Sad and the Beautiful

Sharks don't inspire pity, as a rule, but this little sand shark, washed up on the beach and partly eaten has a very, very sad look on his face. I can imagine him as a wailing ghost haunting the seashore at midnight. It was a bad day for these little harmless fishies, there were two of them on today's walk.

On the other hand, my short drive to the beach has been glorious for a week or so since it's rhododendrun time here. This is just one home set behind it's riot of rhodies.



June -- not familiar with sand sharks. Are they really sharks and how large are they? Your beach walks turn up such interesting subjects. -- barbara

June Calender said...

The two that I saw yesterday and some I saw last year were about 18-20 inches long. I haven't done any research to see how big they grow. I'm told by a local that they are harmless. Yes, they are real sharks and from a different angle clearly look like all their bigger cousins.