Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Stash buster quilt finished

This strip quilt made a nice dent in the accumulation of pink and lilac fabrics I have and found rather blah. I like them better sewn together like this. For the base of the rectangular blocks I used drier sheets that I had accumulated for quite a few months [used less than 2/3rds actually. I had to press them as most were somewhat wrinkled. The scent is gone, at least as far as my nose can tell. The back also used up a couple of rather odd ball dotted fabrics, one blue with large yellow dots, the other a lot of close-packed pastel dots.

I'd like to make a few quilts about this size -- larger than crib size, suitable for a child's bed or as a throw. I'd like to continue the stash busting process for a bit. I've been cutting pieces today for a quilt that will take quite a few more than what I've cut so far. Before that one which will be a lot of small squares, I'll do a blue one of squares in squares -- perhaps some of the center squares will be rectangles and maybe even a few circles. I've got a lot of blues I'd like to make a dent in and after that there's green and then brown. I have these mental spells of ambition that do not always translate into action.

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