Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WIP -- on hold

Stash busting is a major agenda item for the summer. So I pulled out a batch of blues -- light and dark and some in-betweens -- and started a quilt. I figured I'd make 6 inch blocks until I ran out of stuff that would work. I've got a light blue gingham [print not a woven one] and a dark blue that are the outer strips with three others inside. As you see in the picture. I really had no idea how big the quilt would become but thought it would probably be throw size.

So for four days I've been cutting and sewing in an ad lib sort of way. I really enjoy this, making decisions at almost every minute -- what will go next to what but within the general plan. If i get very philosophical, which is prone to happen when I'm sewing for a few hours I get philosophical. I see that I love freedom within a structure, that's the simplistic answer. It will do although I natter on in my head about how that's worked within my life and so on and so forth ... pretty boring to anyone but me.

So as of this afternoon I've got 72 6" squares, they've been ironed and neatly cut to exactly 6". So when they are sewn together they will be 5-1/2 inches. which will be a nice throw size quilt, considering that I will add at least 3 inches of border and I've decided to put about a 1 inch stripping between each square - which will be a rather deep crimson. This will cut the slightly cloying and monotonous blueness -- besides it will use up some red I'm happy to get out of the stash as well. There will be a semi-interesting back but I'm not dealing with that yet. In fact, at this point I'm setting this project aside to get on with putting together the multicolored paper pieced stars [Carol Doak patterns] that will be the show quilt I will have for the Bayberry Quilter's show in early August. More on that anon.

herefore the title, a WIP [work in progress] now on hold. I"m a Gemini, I like to work on more than one thing at a time. I get bored sticking to a single thing for too long. I have two other show quilts to work on as well, one small enough to take only two days the other problematic enough that I sometimes worry that I ought to throw in the towel on it. But I'm not ready to do that ... quite yet. More on that anon also.

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