Friday, December 31, 2010

On New Year's Eve

The One Minute Writer which I often go to in the morning and write something if the prompt speaks to me, does Friday Fiction and suggests taking longer to write something. I am not a fan of short, short stories but one came to me today. I could offer many caveats but I will write it here simply because it is New Year's eve.

Eve was sitting on the dusty plain piling up twigs. Beyond the thorn bushes she could see Abel guarding his flock of sheep. Adam and Cain had gone off hunting for something for them to eat when it got dark. Eve was patiently rubbing two stones together trying to make sparks so they could have a fire. They needed it to cook whatever food was found and because the nights had lately been getting very cold.

When the guys gathered around, Eve had a nice fire going and there was meat roasting. "I have been watching the stars," Adam said in that lecturing voice he had. "So...?" the boys shrugged. "So I've noticed that some stars move around the sky and that they're all back to where they were when I first began to pay attention. "Big deal," Cain said in his cocky voice. Adam gave him The Stare. "I still have the power to name things," Adam said. "The angel didn't take that away from me. So I'm going to say that we have Time and that when the stars are back like they were we have a New Year." The boys scowled and gnawed on rabbit backbones.

"That's very nice, Dear," Eve said. She had been super sweet to Adam ever since the day the angry angel chased them into the desert. "You're a very, very smart man." Adam heard real sincerity in Eve's voice, not just the wifely rote. He looked at Eve. He had loved her once and maybe he still did. "And I'll call the night the stars get back to their places Eve's New Year." "Thank you, darling," Eve said and kissed him. He kissed her back.

"They're just mushy old so-and-sos," the boys said.

"We'll start all over again," Adam ssid. So they had a happy Eve's New Year around the fire, their stomachs full, their bodies warm. Never mind what troubles might yet befall this small family of man.

And I wish anyone who reads this a happy new year. May you find moments of peace and contentment despite whatever might befall this much enlarged family of man in the coming year.

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