Friday, December 10, 2010

Another sweatshirt jacket

Another sweatshirt jacket, this one a speedy one using larger pieces of fabric. It's meant to be brighter, more "fun" in the sense of lighthearted fabric designs like the bands of frogs on the bottom and on the sleeves, the big benign lizard at the top of the back and the bright colored strips elsewhere. Front is shown above and back below.

This was on nice Gap pull over, that was really not a sweatshirt, it has a bit more body and structure. It's hard to find such good bases for this kind of jacket in thrift shops, but now that I've made this one, I'm going to keep my eyes open for others. In fact, It thought of putting a zipper up the front but got lazy about that. I'd like to take something with a firm knit like this and do a selvage jacket, maybe one with rickrack as I've just seen on the Selvage Blog several examples of rickrack used with selvages. Well that's in the future. I've got that bear claw quilt to finish at this point.

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