Monday, December 20, 2010

Great-grand's first Christmas quilt

Inspired by the dark chocolate colored teddy bear, and pushed a bit quicker than anticipated - I was thinking of first birthday, not first Christmas but Finn's mama has a fuzzy memory that says she received plenteous quilts from her Grandmother [c'est moi] and hoped Finn would also, soon! Actually I didn't make THAT many quilts for her. But I just finished this bear claw quilt -- mentioned in a post a couple weeks ago. As obviously it's decorated with silhouetted bears, these from Deborah Kamensky whose "Forest Animals" designs I've had for years and used here and there.

The colors and designs aren't the generally expected so-sweet, so-cute kinds of baby patterns popular in the current books. I don't like cute and prefer traditional, so it's traditional muted New England-y colors. We ARE in New England, after all and this is a very traditional place. I am happy enough to bow to Cory's requests but she has to live with my taste too. For his part, great-grand-Finn, at 7 months doesn't care. He probably won't even be interested in the teddy bear. That's okay, he can get away with total indifference even to the point of spitting up on his quilt, or more serious misdemeanors, because he's a baby. So tomorrow it gets wrapped and goes under the tree at grandmother's house. I have other projects on the back burner which will keep me occupied if tomorrow is another snowy day as today was. Gee, I wish I still lived in a house with a fireplace.


Kass said...

I'm glad you mistakenly posted this on your other blog for a second because it gave me a chance to scroll down on this one to see what you've been doing. You are mighty prolific. I enjoyed seeing all your wares. Especially loved the journal quilt.

June Calender said...

You were mighty quick to see it when it was on the other blog -- for about three minutes! Thanks for the comments.