Saturday, July 17, 2010

Instead of Quilting - walking

My hope of biking was all arranged -- until I got on a bike. It's been a few years, maybe as much as 10 and I really couldn't handle it. Arrangements had been made with Rachel's school's hiking guru with whom [along with a bunch of students] she has hiked the length of Cape Cod over about 15 months. He had several bikes, it sounded GREAT. I flunked the street in front of the house. So we walked the bike trail between the lower Cape towns of Falmouth and Woods Hole. Perhaps 5 miles total, or a smidge more. I was tired at the end of the day but that's all. I took some pictures -- here the lighthouse between the two towns. It has a name which I wrote on a scrap of paper that I've lost. There was such a crowd waiting to go up it that we just admired from the road and went on our way. It was a gray day with flashes of sun that reminded us how lucky we were that it was gray.

As I said aloud taking this picture, to say I'll take a scenic picture on Cape Cod is a redundancy. It's all scenic. Woods Hole, with it's world renown Oceanic Institute is a quaint town that remains quaint despite housing many institutional buildings. I had never been there before. The second picture was a private home's field of day lilies.
They had a sign saying "pick weeds for free". I think they were implying the lilies were weeds. Sure didn't look like weeds to me. Sam, the hiker, was also quite a talker and had lived and worked in Woods Hole for some years before teaching. He was an excellent guide, a role he took on both voluntarily and with apparent pleasure.

Lesson of the day is that I have never been much of a biker, but I remain a pretty good hiker.

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Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Bittersweet about biking. Glad to see you don't bike either.I like to bike but I tried recently (DH takes bikes with us rving)thinking I could still do it but alas this lass is not able. You are a very good walker June. I better start doing that too.