Sunday, July 04, 2010

Bright Pink

Another quilt done! Love those words. This is named Kra-Z Kabin, the blocks are almost recognizable as log cabin. Clearly it's a scrap/stash buster. Eight of the blocks in this quilt were made in a "virtual quilting bee" by others to whom I sent some fabric and the muslin patches on which the strips are sewn in a wonkly log cabin style. There are twenty blocks altogether so obviously I made a dozen of them as well as the scrap pieced border.

When I started it I liked the idea. When I had all the blocks together I began to think I hated it. This much wild directionlessness is not me. But then I laid it out on the cerise fabric [it's a tone-on-tone with little dots that are more orange than the background hot pink] and I decided the strength of the pink asserts itself so much that the wildly random fabrics in the blocks recede and manage to get along with one another. So I did the stripes 3 inches wide so as not to be namby-pamby about the bright color. Now I like it. Maybe there's a new wilder me ... hmmmm.

I have one other quilt in progress which is much tamer and I'm about to start cutting for another that will be tamer too, and more the sort of thing I am always drawn to. But more of that when the time is right. If there are some periods of no posts it will be because both projects are going to take a while. I have a journal quilt to make and may do a couple more of the Buddha pillow/wall hangings because I like having smallish things to work on in hot weather when I don't want to be handling gobs of fabric.


Marie aka Grams said...

Congratulations of finishing another beauty. It turned out so harmonious. Yea.. :-)

Anonymous said...