Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gift Mimi-Quilt

This mini quilt, which is about 15x15, was received today in a swap. I like the arrangement of elements, the colors and, especially, the hexagons used for the leaves of the tree. It's from Ky who lives in Texas and has been a quilter quite a long time. She used several Moda fabrics in the quilt.
If you click on the detail to enlarge it you will see the interesting use she made of her sewing machine's special stitches. I especially like the looped stitches all around the picture's innermost border.

I made and sent a small quilt for that same swap but I forgot to take a photo before it got sent off to The Netherlands. Frequently it happens with swap sewing, I finish it and am eager to get it into the mail and check off that it's done, then I forget to take a photo.


Anonymous said...
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June Calender said...

If anyone notices a lot of deleted comments on this blog it is because it seems to be the target of an Asian blogger who writes in either Japanese or Korean which I cannot decipher but I'm told by others that it leaves to a porno site. When these messages pop up I immediately delete them and will continue to do so as I know no other way to get rid of them.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

That really is lovely work. Thanks for sharing.

TC said...

Very pretty and creative. :)