Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Variety of views

Here's a variety of photos that will show some of the variety of experiences this Africa "safari" trip brought. When I travel I always discover a richer variety of things to enjoy that I had expected. Would anyone ever guess that I'd be at a lodge in the marshy Caprivi delta in Namibia where guests were allowed to walk about at night only with a guard and yet go to dinner and find the napkins on the table folded like flamengos? There it is! Gorgeous.

Here are a group of village women dancing. I didn't particularly want to take a picture of their backsides but I did want to show the wonderful variety of the prints of their skirts. This was at a "set up" village where visitors were given demonstrations of "typical" life. As a tourist I'm not fond of these unreal experiences but still they weren't faking the kinds of clothes they wore nor their inherent beauty.

But, of course, the most stylishly "dressed" beings in Africa are the elegant animals, zebras' effortlessly chic in black and white strips, giraffes gorgeous in their spots and the many antelope more than brilliantly hatted with fantastic horns.

I've been off line a few days, thanks to a dead modem and then to a new and "improved" one that took some 4 hours of tech support to install! I hope I'm back with no further problems and can post a few more of my pictures and write a bit more before I go on with the quilt project I tackled yesterday -- one previously cut out and waiting for attention.

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Lovely juxtaposition of images today ~ my DIL was so captivated by the napkin and towel folding stewards on a recent cruise that she found a book on the topic as a keepsake for her parents (shared journey)...

Elegantly wonderful zebras!