Saturday, February 28, 2009

Exercise routine

This is so good I have to share it -- and I thank regular reader, Sam, known as Sunnysidey, for a blog link that I am filching this exercise routine from. I really believe in giving credit where it's due. A little bell in the back of my brain tells me this is not a brand not routine.

Stand comfortably in a place were you have plenty of room on either side. When you are entered and balanced, lift a five pound potato bag in each hand. Hold your arms straight out in front of you; hold the position for a minute -- or try to. Work up to a minute during repeated daily sessions if necessary. You will be able to hold the bags a bit longer, if not every day. every week with regular practice. When you reach a minute try to work up toward a minute and a half. When that is possible change to ten pound potato bags. Again work toward a minute and eventually toward a minute and a half. Change to fifty pound potato bags. This will be easier than perhaps you expect.

When you reach this pinnacle and can hold the bags for a minute and a half, add a potato to each bag. Continue in increments as before. This exercise is not restricted to the young and fit.


Helen Conway said...

I assume that you have to do this with the potatoes in the bag? What do you do with all those potatoes when they start to rot?!! No reason though you could not do the same thing with a bag of boos!

Swan said...

Or with large water bottles. Or "real" weights, if you want to invest in them. Or any other item that you can grab and determine the approximate weight of that doesn't break easily in case you let it fall ;)