Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quilt almost done

Apparently it's becoming a "thing to do" -- I mean having quilts at a wedding for guests to sign instead of a guest book. I think it's a super idea. I was asked to make a quilt for an early summer wedding and asked to use "red and black". How do people sign on red or black? And it just doesn't seem very wedding-like to me. So this is what I came up with Black, sure enough but red in its light and bright pink ranges.
Then to comply with the bride's request the back is all in reds except for the black border. (Edit) The former pictures were in such bad color I decided my camera battery might be too low to do a decent job, so charged it and retook the pictures which are better although the reds of the back still have too much yellow. It's really much more cherry red.

As always -- my theme song -- quilting is much more labor intensive than seems logical. I'm still fighting jet lag and have been up by 4:00 each morning for over a wee and have spend a few hours each morning putting this together always expecting to get much further along than I actually did. But as of now, there are only clean up things like tread clipping a few places and fixing a couple of spots, then a hangng sleeve and label But what a lot of tiime a one patch, apparently simple quilt took.
This is a reversible quilt for which I used Sharon Pederson's book, as pictured below. She spoke to our guide a year ago and I was intrigues with her method. It's easy but also arduous. I've never been nuts for a stained glass effect but in this case it turns what would be a somewhat mundane set of squares became more interesting and I mean above and beyond the interlocking squares pattern.

Now I can finish quilting the sunburst for the quilt show and move on with new or UFO projects ... I suppose I shouldn't even think "new" but I do have a new ideas that I want to try very, very soon -- like maybe tomorrow. Thus do older UFOs settle into the dust.

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