Tuesday, February 17, 2009

shirting Quilt Blocks

The usually wonderful scrap/share table at Saturday's Empire Guild meeting was unusually loaded with lots and lots of at least quarter yard cuts of shirting stripes, solids and such. I bought a sizable bundle largely because a few months ago I cut a picture out of a Fiber Arts Magazine of a shirting quilt making interesting squares of the strips. I wanted to do something of the sort. Above is some of what I've done in the last couple days -- only a start -- only a hint of the idea that's in my head. Such ideas are subject to minute by minute revision so I won't go on about the variations I have in mind when I move on to different strips, so far these are all from the same stripe in different color ways.
I'm enjoying this. I'm reverting to that high school girl who so enjoyed geometry classes. I suppose playing with stripes is the visual equivalent of making puns in writing, very, very low on the totem pole of accomplishment. But it's fun and there's the constant challenge of sewing the long bias cut diagonal seam to make the stripes match, usually accomplished, sometimes just impossible at the very center. As it progresses there will be more pictures. One little thing I'm pondering: will there be a way I can incorporate those simple shirt buttons of which I have many, many, of course, mostly white? Stay tuned -- tho' this is hardly a cliff hanger.

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