Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Tree and More Butterflie

Here we are in the depths of winter and all it took was a few hours escape from the Island of Manhattan to give me food for thought for days on end! I'm not sure if that's sad or wonderful. Anyway the above quilt of a tree made by Wendy Butler Berns of Wisconsin was at the Quiltfest in NJ. It's a very interesting quilt, more so "for real" than in a photo. But what amazed me is that I had been looking at that quilt for a whole week, Feb. 19th to 25th. Yes, really. I keep a desk calendar published by the American Quilters Society on my desk at work and when my mind wanders as I do automatic typiing, I look at the quilt of the week. [Alternatively I look at a picture of Mt. Everest taken from Namche Bazaar on a sparkling cold morning - the picture shows part of the trail I would take the next day as I walked toward Everest - everything about that pictures makes me happy!] Anyway I was surprised to see this quilt on display -- I don't know why.

What did I find at a vender's booth! Among other things, I found ANOTHER butterfly design book -- plus this one which lacks the color illustrations of Bea Oglesby's does have MOTHS! There are 8 or 10 moths and I'm eager to make a quilt with them. I have an idea percolating. I also have a couple of projects to finish before I plunge into moths and a possible [short term?] UFO that's been started and put on hold but not for too long... I hope. Well, come to think of it maybe there are three UFOs I really want to finish before they becoming semi-permanent UFOs ... Ah ... if I but had world enough and time ... Perhaps an inappropriate quote. Andrew Marvel was trying to seduce someone. I have been seduced by a mass of moths. More about that in months to come.

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