Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More star quartets

So here are #19 and #20 of the star quartet series -- the same star in differnt color choices/ dark-light reversed. If I were in an art/design class someone would explain to me in simple terms general rules that any beginning artist must learn about what is more pleasing, the somewhat busy dark background with the star imposed on it or the light background with nothing impeding appreciation of the star ... excep the insipidity of all that pastel background. As I was working I really thought the light would please me most. Now, side by side, I prefer the stronger color of the dark background and strong gold border. I am sorry I did not have a binding for the light one in a medium purple but I chose a pastel toned print. Part of the "rules" for this series is that I use up stash fabric that I don't think I'll use otherwise ... thus the gray background fabric. and the pale backbround fabric of the other. The photo doesn't show it, but it's very light yellow with very light floral print. Ofen I remember when various fabrics or items came into my life but I have no idea where that came from. I suppose I bought it thinking it would be a nice blender fabric. .. and so a stash grows ...

In fact, I'm not quite done, the light one still had hand stitching to be done, label and hanging sleeve. I spent the time this afternoon when I might have been doing that making price tags for the 20 butterfly post cards I hope to sell at the quilt show this weekend. Then I went over the notatons on the diary quilt piece. The notations are for me, not really for viewers and I don't expect people to read them. I got a pen that writes white on dark fabric at the New Jersey show -- the vender assured me it would truly show up. This seems to be true. I don't know if it will fade. So I'm ready --- wondering if I put things into my biggest duffle to transport down there all at once. I could make two trips -- it's not so long on the subway. Or I could pack stuff up and hope to get a taxi -- which is not easy at 8: a.m. when everyone is going to work -- but a lot easier than facing the subway crowd with a big rolling duffle. ... Logistics. Out in the rest of the world people just put stuff in their cars and drive wherever they're going.

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