Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The temperature soared to the 70s today. People were wearing parkas with the fur lined hoods up, other people were wearing spathetti strap sundresse -- in short everything was on the streets. No, the dandelions didn't shoot up as high as the ones in the picture, but they're on their way.

I was lucky to have a short day of work and so indulged in two, no, three of my favorite things. I stopped at Barnes & Noble for a couple of my favorite magazines, then went on up the street five blocks and stopped at Ollie's Chinese restaurant for a $6,00 lunch -- which, will, in fact, also be lunch or dinner tomorrow since I brought half of it home. That's two favorite things, then I came home, changed to flipflops as a short sleeved t-shirt and went out to Riverside Park to sit on a favorite bench full in the warm sun and read for an hour. I know the pundits say to start with a mere fifteen minutes of sun. But this is a northern sun, not a hot Caribbean or Florida sun. An hour did not even turn my arms pink. it just poured vitamin D into me with the wonderful warmth. Lovely!!! And the week is supposed to remain warm and sunny. Lovely, lovely!!

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