Friday, March 23, 2007

All in a Day's Work

I come across all kinds of interviews in the transcription work I do. Here's today's example: Interviewe to Actress/Model: Tell me about your brow maintenance routine. Are you a daily plucker? -- Believe it or not, of cousre you believe it -- she got a straight answer, Not every day, but whenever I think about it.

Another memorable interview was an imprisoned Nelson Mandela's daughter reading a letter in which her father told her to always remove the skin from cooked chicken to avoid getting fat. I well remember a very smooth talking Ken Lay who made Enron sound like America's greatest company. In the '80 rock musicians were not just potty mouthed, they were inarticulate. But lately musicians seem to have become smarter. I'm especially impressed with Bela Fleck and Karen Crow. Anyway, I get an education ranging from hedge funds to mascara.

I've picked out twenty of my 40 or so butterfly postcards to sell at the boutique of the Empire Quilters Show this weekend. Here's a scattering of them. Plus the nine butterflies [not postcards] that are matted and ready to be framed. And a dozen attic window wall quilts. I hauled all those plus my two show quilts down to FIT this morning and was amazed that when the Migrating Monarchs were being photographed for the CD of the show, the color of the background was so much nicer than it seemed on my wall. What a difference some decent light makes! I'm eager to see the whole show tomorrow. I expect it to be very nice and generally very high quality. Of course there will be venders to visit as well. More about that soon.

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