Sunday, March 25, 2007

Empire Quilters Guild show

This is the" best of the show" quilt, "Where Is the Quilt Show" by Anna Faustino, seen here in pink sweater. Anna is a fairly new quilter who has devised a quilting/fabric weaving method all her own [which she teachers]. She is so hooked on quilting, has such fertile imagination and bold graphic sense that she's getting into national shows and winning prizes and attention. She show so many quilts at the Guild Show and Tell one wonders if she has time to eat or sleep or maybe employs a Santa's workshop full of elves to make the quilts she keep producing. It's wonderful to see someone throw herself heart and soul into an edeavor and succeed!

The show was a success. The weather cooperated and the aisles were so full of people it was sometimes hard to see the quilts because so many people were around. The quality of quilts was very high. The venue was not ideal, it was somewhat too crowded and quilts had to be shown on two floors. Lighting was adequate on the main floor but not very good on the lower level; I felt lucky to be on the main floor. Here are my quilts being looked at by show goers. I listened for comments -- not many about the butterflies which sort of surprised me. But I heard curiosity about the diary quilt and several people took time to read the captions. I felt they held their own without being in any way particularly outstanding.

A full day of volunteering in the somewhat disappointing members boutique where I sold only a few things but had a nice opportunity to chat with people I have not had a chance to meet otherwises, has left me tired -- especially since I was wearing new shoes which seem to have crunched the toes of my right foot -- and they were flats, not heels. Still, I love the shoes and will keep wearing them because I think they'll "give" before my foot is damaged. Ah, what pain a woman suffers for vanity!

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