Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Solstice means Roses

The last couple weeks of June Cape Cod is full of roses.  From deepest red to white, they are everywhere.  Some are even so old fashioned they have true rose scent - like these beside a fence that I walk past from the parking lot to the beach where I walk in the morning.  I always literally stop and smell the roses.  What a way to begin a day.

The wild roses on the dunes behind the beach, white, pink, red, are already past their prime.  They are simple rose with four lovely petals and they too have a wonderful scent. I have a spot where I sit close a bit patch of pink and white roses and stare at the ocean - I can see that larger boats anchored just outside Martha Vineyard's harbor. Most mornings, out near the horizon, I see one of the ferries crossing to the Vineyard. And usually I see a fishing boat.  It's peaceful, a wonderful way to start a day.

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