Monday, June 02, 2014

Beach Roses in Full Bloom

The beach roses (rosa rugosa, I believe) all popped open over the weekend. Most are a soft pink, many are a bright pink, some are really red and some are white. They are all intermingled in large patches -- very briary, one cannot wade through them.  I don't know if different colors grow on the same plant or if there are different plants.  It doesn't matter to me, they are beautiful.  I like to stand near a big patch and do my tai chi.  Mostly the breeze is blowing off the water. But when I sit a while I am surrounded by a faint rose scent -- not a very heavy scent, delicate and lovely.

As the pictures show, these are simple roses without lots of petals and the petals fall after only a few days, but many more buds are on the plants and they keep opening.  They will be a beautiful show of color for a few weeks. Then there will be big bright red rose hips for some time. 

Meanwhile the nesting birds are getting territorial.  Their nesting area is marked off limits to tourists but the birds haven't been informed and fly in wide circles, sometimes dipping toward walkers, shrieking that we are to stay away.

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